Jaaxy Goldmine Keyword Organizer

100% Free! Quickly & Easily Filter, Organize & Compile Jaaxy Keywords with High SEO Score.

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Image of Jaaxy Goldmine Keyword Organizer Software Program.
Jaaxy Goldmine Keyword Organizer Software.

Jaaxy Keyword Research

Compared to all keyword research tools out there, free or paid, Jaaxy is the best! Jaaxy makes it incredibly easy to find low competition long tail keyword phrases. Any keyword phrases that have an SEO Score of 80 or higher Jaaxy places a green dot next to them. The keywords that are harder to rank for are colored yellow or red.

If you don't have a Jaaxy account you can create one free using a Jaaxy Free Trial.

Jaaxy Keywords on Steroids

Jaaxy Goldmine Keyword Organizer further refines and organizes keyword results making it super fast and easy to:

  • Filter out all keywords that don't have an SEO Score of at least ANY number you specify (from 800 - 100)
  • Arrange those keyword phrases in order with the highest SEO Score ranking keywords at the top with SEO Score decending as you go down.
  • Build up your organized keywords list, in SEO Score order, as large as you wish to create a giant list of long tail keywords easy to rank on the first page of Google for.

Using Jaaxy Keyword Organzer

Using the Jaaxy Goldmine Keyword Organize is as simple as:

  1. Perform Jaaxy keyword search.
  2. Select ALL the keyword results with your mouse and copy to clipboard.
  3. Paste into Jaaxy Goldmine Keyword Organizer
  4. Select a minimum SEO Score of keywords to save and organize (from 800 - 100).
  5. Press Organize Goldmine Keywords.

The entire process (steps #1 - #5) can, and should, be repeated over and over until you have a giant list of prime, easy-to-rank-for, long tail keywords.

Watch this Video of how Jaaxy Goldmine Keyword Organizer works and how to use it.

1.Keyword Search

Perform a Jaaxy keyword search. Click any keyword results with a Get QSR link to expose needed keyword statistics.

2.Select + Copy

Select all of the keyword results returned with the mouse (not just the greens, but the reds and yellows also) and copy to clipboard (CTRL + C).

3.Paste to JGKO

Paste the copied Jaaxy keyword results into Jaaxy Goldmine Keyword Organizer top, white, textbox (CTRL + C).

4.Select Min SEO

Select the minimum SEO score (80 - 100) of Jaaxy keywords you want saved and organized. The higher the number the less the competition and easier to rank for.

5.Press Button

Press Organize Goldmine Keywords button. The bottom, green, textbox will neatly display Jaaxy keywords in order from highest SEO score down.